17 acres. With a history. And a renewed purpose.

Bordered on the east by the historic Riverview Memorial Park Cemetery—resting place of a congressman and a rock star—and on the west by the Jenkins Children’s Institute—formerly known as Jenkins Orphanage, famous in jazz lore for its internationally acclaimed children’s marching band—The Bend is bound by a rich history.

The Bend’s history dates back to the 1600s to a series of land grants made by Lords Proprietors. For nearly 300 years, the land at the bend of the Ashley River has gone by many names: Stock Prior, Quarter House, Accabee Plantation, Ryedale, Anna Brae, Malona, and most recently, Ashley Shores. The Ashley Shores subdivision was a privately owned riverfront property made up of apartments and townhomes. After the subdivision lay vacant for a number of years, The Pearlstine Company made an offer on the land in order to rehabilitate it.

The Bend is a nod to a broad turn in the Ashley River and the evolving spirit of Charleston.

In September 2014, Ashley Shores was purchased and renamed The Bend as a nod to the large bend in the Ashley River at this site. While the original intent for the purchase was to build a production brewery and distillery on the site, ultimately Susan Pearlstine, owner of The Pearlstine Company, purchased, cleared, cleaned and graded the site you’ll experience today.


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