Birding @ theBEND

Birding @ theBEND

August 29 | 8:00am - 10:00am

Explore the natural beauty of theBEND by joining one of our weekly bird walks.  The historic Ashley River, with surrounding marshes and forest is a vital source of food and shelter for hundreds of species of lowcountry birds.  theBEND’s diverse habitats - fresh and brackish ponds, vast tidal salt marsh and flats, open meadow, and wooded edges make it an ideal place to observe birds of all kinds.  Site Director Chet Morse leads this 2-hr walking tour through the site, spotting and identifying birds along the way.


Time:  8-10am Tuesdays

Price: Free

Meet: park and meet at front of property

Walk: >1mile, paved and/or flat

Bring: water, repellant, sunscreen. Binocular and field guide optional.

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