Bordered on the east by the historic Riverview Memorial Park Cemetery – resting place of a congressman and a rock star—and on the west by the Jenkins Children’s Institute – formerly known as Jenkins Orphanage, famous in jazz lore for its internationally acclaimed children’s marching band, The BEND is bound by a rich history.

The BEND’s history dates back to the 1600s to a series of land grants made by Lords Proprietors. For nearly 300 years, the land at The BEND of the historic Ashley River has gone by many names: Stock Prior, Quarter House, Accabee Plantation, Ryedale, Anna Brae, Malona, and more recently, Ashley Shores, a privately owned subdivision. A riverfront property made up of apartments and townhomes, Ashley Shores subdivision ultimately lay vacant for a number of years. In 2015, The Pearlstine Company made an offer on the land in order to rehabilitate it.

The Bend is a nod to a broad turn in the Ashley River and the evolving spirit of Charleston.

Today, The BEND is a 20-acre community redevelopment project led by owner and founder Susan Pearlstine of The Pearlstine Company. A Charleston native, entrepreneur, business-owner, philanthropist, conservationist, community activist and developer, Susan Pearlstine is seeking out sustainably minded partners to revitalize not just The BEND’s 20 acres and its neighborhood but also to forge a new path for how smart design and community redevelopment gets done.

Located at 3775 Azalea Drive, The BEND is conveniently located 10 minutes to downtown Charleston, 10 minutes to the airport, and 30 minutes to the beach.

With a mission to be a place that reflects the very best of the Charleston region and build a strong live, work, play community both on-site and beyond, The BEND embraces, explores, and nurtures its natural environment. It celebrates and cultivates relationships with diverse people, communities, and likeminded organizations. It acknowledges our collective past, present, and future. It honors cultural and creative expression – from music and art to food and drink. Ultimately, The BEND embodies a more vibrant, holistic, creative, community-centered, sustainable way of life and events – in the place we love to call home.

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